All-Time Best Selling Buckle


The Flying Eagle at Sunrise Buckle has been Bergamot Brass Works all-time best selling design. The buckle was originally created in 1972 and the design was updated in 1994. The eagle flying over the earth is a symbol of spirituality in many cultures. You can still purchase the design shown above today at for $18-$20 and shipping is included!


Clock Parts Buckle

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The Clock Parts Buckle is one of Bergamot Brass Works’ earliest designs, originating from about 1973. The original buckle was sculpted from real vintage watch parts that were purchased at an auction and pieced together to form the design shown above. The style of the design is steampunk, although it was created well before steampunk became popular in the late 1980’s.

Princess Mucha

The Brunette -Alphonse Muchaart_nouveau_vintage_alphonse_mucha_bronze_belt_buckle_1_lgw

This Art Nouveau style buckle is based on the painting “The Brunette” by Alphonse Mucha and even features a replica of his signature on her right shoulder. Bergamot Brass Works began making this buckle in 1974.

Things to Come in 2015!


Happy New Year! There are lots of things to look forward to in 2015. We’ll highlight just a few:

1. Top Grain Genuine Leather Belts were just added to the website! Available in black or brown, belts currently come in three different sizes. If you don’t see the size you need send us a request! These belts feature double snaps that allow you to swap out belt buckles easily as often as you would like. Proudly made in Southeastern Wisconsin!

Belts1 belts2 belts3 belts4 flag belt buckle

2. Our music merchandise line is expanding! Next up: Florida Georgia Line! Check back to to see these updates as they are available.

3. Website redesign – we know, our website looks a bit dated. Later this year we will be reformatting to make shopping easier, including a “recently added” section so you can easily see whats new.

4. New designs are being added all the time! Our archives contain thousands of buckle designs and we will continue to add more options to the site. If there is a specific design you would like to see us offer just leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can do!

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from All American Buckles! We will be closed until Monday, but you can always place your orders online. Use promo code “USA” for 10% off your order, and as always, shipping is free! We have new music merch buckles on their way, including Florida Georgia Line and Nirvana!

The Horseshoe Nail Buckle

C12P C12P-B

At first glance, the belt buckle above may appear as nothing more than a unique design. But the significance is that this entire buckle is created from bending horseshoe nails into the shape you see here. The original design with the nails was then used to create a mold incorporating the elements of the buckle, and since then it has been cast in the form that shown above. The design was copyrighted by Bergamot Brass Works Inc in 1974. This design ($18) and hundreds of others are available for sale at! Get a great deal by entering promo code: “USA” for 10% off of everything site wide, and as always, shipping is free!

Extra! Read All About It!


A local publication, “The Beacon – A Paper Designed with Readers in Mind”, published an outstanding article about Bergamot – The Fine Art Foundry, who manufactures All American Buckles. The article showcased some of our buckles, as well as a few of the thousands of buckles that have been produced by Bergamot over the past 44 years. The primary focus is the impact that Bergamot has had on the Walworth County community through out the past few decades, in millions of dollars of wages, purchasing supplies from other local companies, as well as the artistry of the thousands of unique metal castings. If you would like to read the article in its entirety online, you can download a free copy from the paper’s archives from November 21, 2014 here.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Specials

Happy Thanksgiving! Once you are done enjoying friends, family and food, stay right at home and shop our website,! We are having a great special November 28 through December 1. Everything on our site will be 25% off with Promo Code: “HOILIDAY25” and, as always, shipping is FREE, no promo code necessary!

These unique belt buckle designs make great gifts for anyone on your list this year. Check out some of fun designs below or go to our website to find the perfect design for anyone!

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Elephant in Tusks Buckle

Elephant in Tusks Buckle

Fire Department Buckle

Fire Department Buckle

Bucks on the Run Buckle

Bucks on the Run Buckle

New York Central Train Buckle

New York Central Train Buckle

Circular Saw Buckle

Circular Saw Buckle

Southwestern Buckle

Southwestern Buckle

The Breck Shampoo Buckle

Breck buckle

This early belt buckle, produced in 1976, shows the Breck Shampoo Girl and reads, “Beautiful Hair, BRECK”. The backside reads TM JOHN H BRECK INC REPRODUCED BY BERGAMOT BRASS WORKS INC WITH PERMISSION JOHN H BRECK INC 1976. In a circle Made in the USA and across from that, the Bergamot Brass Works trademark. Archival company records point out the little known fact that the portrait of the girl was actually hand sculpted by Daniel Baughman, the owner and CEO of the corporation. Daniel remembers it being a particular challenge to make a beautiful woman out of metal, trying to create a delicate image from what is perceived as hard medium.

John James Audubon Buckle


Based on a famous historic portrait of Audubon, the buckle was designed by Daniel Baughman (Founder and CEO of Bergamot Brass Works) in 1985 to celebrate the 200 anniversary of John James Audubon’s birth. A limited edition of 2,500 that came boxed with a certificate of authenticity. This buckle featured great detail and was produced in solid fine pewter.